Pre-Purchase Inspections

With over 40 years of experience working on specialist cars, McMillan Specialist Cars is qualified to give impartial and informed opinions on vehicles. We can carry out a comprehensive appraisal of the car’s mechanical and bodywork condition and will provide you with an 11-page report which includes up to 30 photos.

Buying a car can be a big investment so you don’t want to go ahead with such a purchase unless you’re 100% certain that you’re making the right decision. Here at McMillan Specialist Cars, we are committed to making the buying process as easy as possible for our loyal, long-term, customers. We carry out Pre-Purchase Inspections on a customer’s behalf, to make sure that they know exactly what they are buying, or in some cases choose not to buy as a result of our Pre-Purchase Inspection, saving them a lot of stress and money further down the line.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections are carried out by a member of our highly qualified, experienced, team, and here is what is included:

Inspection – Upper Body Shell and Trim

  • Check for signs of external paintwork change
  • Check colour originality/condition panel-to-panel
  • Check for corrosion, dents, scratches
  • Check panel gaps (bonnet/doors/etc)
  • Check if the car has been customised
  • Check bumper front/rear (stone chips)
  • Check bumper structural condition
  • Check that the radiator ducts are debris free
  • Check the windscreen condition for chips and cracks
  • Check windscreen wipers/blade condition
  • Check window trim condition
  • Check rear wiper condition
  • Check external trims (sills, stone guards)
  • Check exterior mirrors
  • Check marque/model emblems
  • Check rear spoiler fit/operation
  • Check convertible roof condition (if applicable)

Inspection – Interior

  • Check upholstery colour
  • Check upholstery type – leatherette, cloth, leather etc
  • Check if the car appears to have been smoked in
  • Check glove compartment/console box operation
  • Check carpet wear and stains – front and rear
  • Check seat condition – left and right (front/rear faces, bolster)
  • Check cabin wear/tear – dash/ console/controls/switches
  • Check dash air vent vanes for damage
  • Check seat belts
  • Check rear seats condition/operation
  • Check door trim – left and right
  • Check headlining
  • Check odours
  • Check for signs of dampness under carpets
  • Check over carpet condition
  • Check steering wheel condition
  • Check airbags fitted
  • Check wind deflector (convertibles)

Inspection – Luggage Compartment (front and/or rear)

  • Check compartment support strut operation
  • Check light operation
  • Check carpet condition
  • Check condition of body/turrets – front/rear
  • Check condition of compartment wiring (wetness)
  • Check toolkit/ compressor/warning triangle
  • Check battery – fixing/lead security/acid spillage
  • Check battery – make and rating
  • Check battery – state of charge/ state of health
  • Check tyre sealant expiry date
  • Check that the embossed VIN is present
  • Check that the vehicle Identification label is present
  • Check for brake fluid spillage
  • Check spare wheel/tyre condition

Inspection – Wheel and Tyre

  • Check wheel type
  • Check wheel condition/originality
  • Check tyre type and size – front and rear
  • Check locking wheel nuts fitted
  • Check tyre tread depth (mm), condition and age

Inspection – Brakes

  • Check front and rear brake discs condition and disc wear width
  • Check front and rear brake pads condition and pad width
  • Check parking brake function
  • Check when the brake fluid was last changed

Inspection – Engine Bay and Rear Compartment

  • Check engine cover/bonnet support strut operation
  • Check condition of body in engine bay
  • Check general appearance
  • Check appearance of fuel lines and fittings
  • Check appearance of electrical wiring in engine bay
  • Check HT leads/ distributor or coil pack condition
  • Check power-assisted steering condition (if visible)
  • Check generator and A/C belt condition and appearance
  • Check coolant condition
  • Check engine oil condition
  • Check rear compartment release operation
  • Check compartment light operation
  • Check compartment general appearance
  • Check that the exhaust tailpipes are even in colour

Inspection – Engine/Transmission underside

  • Check for any leaks
  • Check oil/coolant pipe condition
  • Check for corrosion
  • Check heater control valves
  • Check heat exchanger/silencer/exhaust condition
  • Check exhaust heat shields

Inspection – Underbody – excluding Engine and Gearbox

  • Check for dents/breaks/corrosion in front underbody
  • Check jacking points condition
  • Check sills/suspension mounts condition
  • Check steering rack mechanism condition
  • Check front differential/PAS leaks visible
  • Check underbody aircon pipes condition
  • Check visible brake line condition
  • Check for shock absorber leaks
  • Check front wheel bearing condition
  • Check drive shaft boot condition
  • Check front and rear suspension condition
  • Check if lower control arms are worn
  • Check if front and anti-roll bar drop links are worn

Inspection – Electrical Equipment

  • Check fuse panel condition
  • Check wiring under dash condition
  • Check accessory/wiring light display on dash
  • Check the number of keys available
  • Check central locking on remote
  • Check central locking on key in driver door
  • Check central locking on button in cabin
  • Check immobiliser is fitted
  • Check alarm is fitted
  • Check horn operation
  • Check fog lights – front/back
  • Check brake lights
  • Check headlamps/tail lights
  • Check headlamp washers
  • Check number plate lamps
  • Check turn indicator/hazard operation
  • Check reverse lights
  • Check heater fan operation
  • Check heater function
  • Check air conditioning operation
  • Check heated rear window operation
  • Check electrically operated window (left and right)
  • Check external mirrors (+heating)
  • Check interior lighting function
  • Check vanity mirror lighting function
  • Check seat adjustment operation
  • Check electric seat heating
  • Check electric seat memory facility
  • Check on-board computer
  • Check general instruments condition
  • Check cigarette/cigar lighter function
  • Check USB port function
  • Check USB charger function
  • Check rear wiper operation
  • Check front washer/wiper operation
  • Check radio/media operation
  • Check sat nav operation
  • Check rearview camera operation
  • Check PCM fitted/operation
  • Check electric roof operation
  • Check PSE operation
  • Check park assist operation

Drive Test

  • Check odometer reading at start and finish
  • Check starter operation
  • Check all gauges work
  • Check engine performance
  • Check operating temperature
  • Check oil pressure at idle and under power
  • Check clutch for signs of travel or judder
  • Check gearbox operation – manual/auto modes
  • Check for transmission noise
  • Check brakes operation and check signs of pulling
  • Check for any rattles/squeaks/vibrations
  • Check steering operation
  • Check suspension – ride and noise
  • Check cold and hot start operation
  • Check cruise control function
  • Check if exhausts are clear when engine warmed

Our reputation for excellence, knowledge and expertise working with all brands of prestige cars extends throughout Ireland and beyond. We offer our clients an extensive range of unbeatable quality garage services from our workshop in Antrim.

To find out more about Pre-Purchase Inspections in Antrim, get in touch online or call us directly on 028 9335 4911

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