Fuel System Cleaning

There are many factors that can affect your car’s fuel efficiency including tyre pressure and how well the clutch and brake systems are working. However, if the fuel system is clogged up due to sooty residues and nasty deposits, you might notice that your car lacks power, or when you put your foot down, it doesn’t accelerate as much as usual, and you will probably also notice that you’re getting fewer miles per gallon.

If you want to improve your vehicles fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions, bring your car into McMillan Specialist Cars in Antrim to have the fuel system cleaned – you will notice the difference almost immediately.

Our reputation for excellence, knowledge and expertise working with all brands of prestige cars extends throughout Ireland and beyond. We offer our clients an extensive range of unbeatable quality garage services from our workshop in Antrim.

To find out more about Fuel System Cleaning in Antrim, get in touch online or call us directly on 028 9335 4911

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