Engine Management

Why is my engine management light on?

When the engine management light comes on your dashboard, it doesn’t point to one specific issue in the way that most of the other lights in your dashboard do; there are many possible reasons why the engine management light may be illuminated.

If the light is amber, the issue probably isn’t too serious but it is definitely worth getting in touch with McMillan Specialist Cars and booking your car into our garage in Antrim to have it looked at. We have state of the art diagnostic software so we’ll be able to pinpoint the fault and get it sorted for you quickly, efficiently and at reasonable prices.

If the engine management light is red, this indicates that there is a serious problem so the safest thing to do is to pull over when you can and call McMillan Specialist Cars. Don’t keep driving your car, as this could cause severe damage to the engine.

Our reputation for excellence, knowledge and expertise working with all brands of prestige cars extends throughout Ireland and beyond. We offer our clients an extensive range of unbeatable quality garage services from our workshop in Antrim.

To find out more about Engine Management in Antrim, get in touch online or call us directly on 028 9335 4911

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